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about us

I am Carla
I was born in Zurich, but I grew up on the hill of La Neira and went to school in Asti. This is my Italian home, to which I feel connected and which I love, and where my friends have lived since childhood. I am now an officially recognized farmer of our Agriturismo.
I trained as a chef in Brisbane (Australia) in 2018 and have worked as a seasonal chef in various areas of the hotel industry. I met Anders during a winter season in Cervinia and we got married in Australia in 2020. After my time in Australia, I came back to Asti in April 2021 and here I want to take over and restart the Agriturismo that my parents founded and built in 1986 and, as a passionate cook, entertain and host our guests.

I speak German, Italian, English and French

I am Anders
I come from Australia and have Irish roots. I worked in many places in Australia for 11 years as a construction engineer. After spending time with my wife Carla in Australia, I decided to give up my job and my country in 2021 to emigrate to Asti with Carla and run the Agriturismo with her. Here I am mainly responsible as a beekeeper for our bee colonies, for the management of the estate and for the garden. I like to experiment with fermenting and preserving vegetables and enjoy working with spices. I help Carla in the kitchen as much as I can and am otherwise the man for everything. I want to create a warm and familiar atmosphere for our guests. Thanks to my worldliness (my mother tongue is English) and my varied travel experience, I am particularly dedicated to international guests from all over the world.

I am René
Born in 1954, father of Carla. Unmotivated chemical lab technician in my younger years, then six years as a dedicated cultural manager in the self-managed cooperative pub and cultural business Rössli in Stäfa, Switzerland. Since 1986, I have been a passionate vegetable and landscape gardener, cook etc. and host at La Neira. Now I help Carla and Anders with words and deeds and mainly take care of the vegetable garden.

We are the two big puppies of the house! Sometimes we seem a bit boisterous, but all we really want to do is play. Our job on the farm is to spread happiness and joie de vivre always and everywhere…. and we take this very seriously!